By : Harvey Robinson, April 30, 2019  /  Room & Decor
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Classic and unique is the unconventional idea for your bedroom. This nuance you can get by decorating your room in shabby chic style. The shabby chic bedroom can make your feeling calming. Interestingly, because it tends to classic or vintage, it looks unconventional. Moreover, if […]

By : Harvey Robinson, April 30, 2019  /  Room & Decor
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One common choice found as the part of the modern home furniture is the bookcase with glass doors. It is actually the multi functions furniture. You can use it for placing your favorite book. Besides, you also can use it for putting accessories inside. The […]

By : Harvey Robinson, April 29, 2019  /  Doors
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Many furniture, hardware, etc. for home design are often finished with various finishes. Maybe, the most famous and used one would be stainless steel is shiny and easy to blend with other things surrounding it. However, it is not the one you should choose if […]

By : Harvey Robinson, April 29, 2019  /  Room & Decor
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Your bedroom is supposed to be the place where every personal matter and privacy be kept in place. Whether you like it or not bedroom is one of the important space in any house aside of the kitchen and living room, and by that thought, […]

By : Harvey Robinson, April 28, 2019  /  Table & Furniture
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The dining table is a table that is used as a place for serving food to your family. In this table, you spend breakfast, lunch, or dinner with your family. In this table, you can chat with your family members. In addition, it can also […]

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