By : Harvey Robinson, June 15, 2019  /  Doors
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Have you ever seen burlap door hangers on your neighbors’ doors? They are really chic hanging on the doors, aren’t they? If you don’t want to spend too much money to buy one, it is best for you to make one. It is not that […]

By : Harvey Robinson, June 14, 2019  /  Doors
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The sliding glass doors can be one of your choices to be used in your modern house. The reason is because this one can make the sense of the modern door through its design. Based on that reason too, it can be said that the […]

By : Harvey Robinson, June 14, 2019  /  Table & Furniture
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As you might already know that there is this kind of table that is called drop leaf which has the foldable function which is really good for any minimalist usages. If you are trying to find it for your minimalist dining area, then you can […]

By : Harvey Robinson, June 13, 2019  /  Room & Decor
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Special for your sons, I offer you boys bedroom sets to inspire. Invite your sons to come with you and look at the pictures closely so you know the details and what to prepare for decorating your sons’ rooms. The boy’s bedroom furniture sets are […]

By : Harvey Robinson, June 13, 2019  /  Room & Decor
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If you are a teenage girl, you certainly pay attention so much to your bedroom, especially for the design and decoration. Teenage bedroom decorations are different from other bedrooms, especially teenage girls. You need as many as ideas that can be applied for your bedroom. […]

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